Google Chromebook

A small, local (St. Paul, MN) agency was engaged by Google to develop a roll-out program for educational institutions seeking to us the Chromebook and Google Cloud as their computing solution for staff and students. They in turn engaged Hand/Eye Creative, now Alloy Communications, to help design the project.

Google felt they needed to make a big splash to lure school administrators away from the difficult to manage and expensive Microsoft platform. This was the very early days of cloud computing, and reinforcing the simplicity, security and stability of the ecosystem was paramount.  the ‘hatbox’ kits were distributed to IT departments as a fun way to reveal the Chromebooks, which were as easy to deploy as opening a box. For students, the packaging was all about highlighting its ease of use, no updates, no lost files, incredibly fast boot-up.

Not shown here, the packaging was complimented by a number of campus events and live training forums to get users comfortable with this huge change in computing.

Google Chromebook Administrator's Kit - open


IT Administrator Kits

Alloy created the graphics for the ‘hat box’ kit, which contained 9 Chromebooks and a tray with branded gifts for the administrator that included the cloisonné pin seen below.

Chromebook schwag pin
Google Chromebook Administrator's User's Guide

Administrator gifts included a hardshell computer sleeve, a branded keychain and deployment manual 



Student User belly wrap

For students, they wanted to highlight the ease of use. End-user instructions were incorporated into Chromebook belly-bands.

Google Chromebook wrap-opened

The inside of the belly band had instructions and value proposition