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Alloy has been engaged with Coloplast for many years, providing copywriting for their interventional urology, continence, and wound and skin care product lines. We’ve contributed to a wide range of projects aimed at patients, physicians, and hospital supply chain leaders, as well as internal communications. From web content and social media to print brochures, trade show materials, sales decks, email campaigns, podcast scripting, and more—you name it, we’ve put the words to it. Highlighted here are just a few recent endeavors.


penile implant patient website

This site is geared toward educating men and their partners about penile implants as an option for treating erectile dysfunction. It provides general information about implants, as well as specific information about Coloplast products, and includes a physician locator to connect patients with surgeons who specialize in prosthetic urology.

Neovasc Investor Portal Home


Landing page

Detailed information is presented for prosthetic urologists on the Titan® inflatable penile implant. This site was created as part of the “Performance from the operating room to the bedroom” campaign which focused on how the product benefits the physician’s practice as well as the patient’s quality of life.


social media

The client identified a market need for patients to better understand the economics of erectile dysfunction, and compare the cost for various treatment options. This information was highlighted in web content for physicians and patients, and promoted through social media posts like this one.

Neovasc Investor Portal Home


Product launch

Alloy wrote the content for a wide-ranging product launch campaign introducing the Saffron™ Fixation System for pelvic floor repair. Our assignment started with developing the key messaging platform, and extended to deploying that messaging through the physician brochure featured here, as well as other tactics such as web content, digital and print ads, and procedural videos.