A Minneapolis agency brought Alloy to the table, pun intended, when their client, Aramark, needed full blown restaurant brand concepts. Aramark services a full spectrum of institutions all looking to differentiate through the highest quality food service, be it museums and attractions, corporate dining, or for universities.


field museum exposition café

Alloy created the ‘Exposition Café’ theme utilizing design and period elements from the Chicago World’s Exposition of 1893 (the museum was originally built to house the Expo’s treasures). The concept blow-out included a brand identity, way-finding signage, snack kiosk, packaging and food packaging, as well as interactive kiosk content to link the restaurant with the World’s Expo and the museum’s history.


Lifeworks restaurant group

LifeWorks is Aramark’s high end corporate dining offering, bringing the best in food, people, and shared community to create impeccably curated, unique dining experiences. The corporate “cafeteria” has become a major differentiator in recruitment and retention of employees.

Alloy worked as a partner with another agency to help LifeWorks put voice and feeling to this top-end offering in a guest journey presentation that explains the full breadth of this offering.

See the presentation here >